Homelessness Prevention aims to reduce the number of people who experience homelessness through...

Financial Assistance:

  • Rental assistance is made available to eligible households. Applicants must provide documentation that imminent risk of housing loss is expected within 30 days through eviction notification. In addition a copy of the lease must be provided

  • Rent assistance is based on the program participants actual monthly rent. The agency will offer landlords the minimum amount required to prevent the program participant from becoming homeless. 

  • Households receiving any voucher based or tenant based vouchers may be considered eligible for assistance with rental arrears, however the program cannot provide support with ongoing rent.

Case Management:

  • If financial assistance is provided to a household case management support services is required for the duration that participants receive assistance. 


  • Case management includes housing mediation, client advocacy, and client-based service plans; along with monitoring and evaluating program participants monthly progress. In addition we locate existing community-based services such as education and job placement referrals, food security, mental health referrals; anti-eviction legal services, tenant-landlord mediation, and provide assist with applying for other mainstream benefits.

  • Case management may continue after programs financial assistance has ended.